Getting started.

General / 28 January 2018

Hello there,

I'm Alejandro García and I'm a freelance illustrator based in Spain. As one of my new year's goals I decided to put a lot more effort on self-promotion through social media and starting this blog is one of the steps I decided to take in order to achieve that goal. I've been working as an artist intermittently for several years now and one of the things I have managed really badly during that time has always been the marketing side of things. Now I would like to improve my marketing skills and make my work get to as many people as I can so I can finally start getting those jobs we all dream about (don't worry, I know that I must improve my portfolio too and I'm working on that as well).

Now that I've made clear my motivations it's time for answering some questions:

What will you see in this blog? 

I'm still not completely sure, but I have a few ideas. First I will share my experiences as an artist and with this battle against the social media that I've started fighting. I will also show some studies and practice paintings, wich I do a lot of and never show them anywhere. And maybe, in the future I will also write some little tutorials or something like that.

You will also see a lot of grammar mistakes and mispelling of words. I will try my best to avoid them as much as I can, but I'm sure that I will not always be successful with that. I apologize in advance about it.

Who is this blog aimed at?

Mainly at fellow aspiring artist that might be facing the same troubles and difficulties as myself, as well as for anyone that might be interested in this kind of stuff or in art in general.

 This is also aimed at those that are interested in my work and want to know a litte bit about me as I will put a lot of myself here. 

What is the schedule for new posts?

1 post per week, every Sunday. I hope to be able to keep that schedule and I will try my best to do so.

So that's all for today. Nothing really interesting here but I hope to change that in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading and see you again next week.